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    You have taken your first steps into our brilliant community on a journey that will change your life for the better!


    Please do not park in front of the yellow doors,

    our neighbors need access to their units at all times

    Please take your time to read this page as it contains important info, you can always access this page via the link we have sent you.

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    The Barrier Code is:

    2468 ENTER

    Please do not park in front of the yellow doors,

    our neighbors need access to their units at all times

    Please download our Coacha App

    click on icon below to begin download.

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    Booking your classes via the Coacha App is super easy and you can book up to 30 days in advance, keep up with the news and announcements.



    All students under 16 years old are pre booked into their classes.

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    When entering the premisses there is an iPad on the wall to the right, all students must check in.

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    Please make sure to book and check in for all of the classes that you attend, we keep a track of your attendance, the number of classes is considered when making decisions for future gradings.

    Rules Of The Mat

    Show up to class on time


    Bow to the centre of the mat when entering or exiting


    Show respect to instructors and peers before class begins


    If you are late approach the instructor prior to joining the class


    Leave your ego at the door


    Keep your Gi clean, wash it after every class


    Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean


    Foul language is not permitted


    No necklaces, piercings or other metal objects may be worn on the mats


    Please remove all make up before stepping on the mats


    Keep all your belongings in the cubby holes not on the benches


    No talking when a technique is being demonstrated


    Keep all talking to a minimum and conversation should relate to class subject


    Refer to black belt instructors as “professor” or “coach”


    Be aware of your surroundings and maintain a safe environment when training


    When training move if you are too close to higher ranked individuals


    If you need to leave the mat early, speak to the instructor.


    No shoes on the mat,

    No bare feet on the carpet,

    Wear shoes/flipflops to the toilet!


    Learn How To Tie Your Gi Pants

    Learn How To Tie Your Belt

    Gum Shield

    We strongly advise the use of a good quality gum shield.


    Wearing a gum shield while practicing BJJ is crucial for protecting your teeth and preventing dental injuries. It acts as a barrier against impacts and reduces the risk of injuries during sparring or competitions. Additionally, a gum shield can help absorb the force of blows to the face and reduce the likelihood of concussion should it happen. Overall, wearing a good quality gum shield is a simple yet effective way to safeguard your oral health and prevent serious injuries while training.



    For adult students we have a couple options that you can look into to get a custom made gum shield, this is by far the best investment you ever make whislt training BJJ or any other contact sport.


    One of our students ⁨Zain Dar⁩ is a dentist at the below practice, you can get a custom gum shield for £90 instead of £145, give the practice a call and book an appontment with Zain he'll look after you.


    As alternative you can visit the Pro Gum Shields website or instagram @pro_gumshields, they will send you a kit for you to do the mold at home, you then send the mold back to them, tould get you gum shield in a couple of weeks.


    For students under 18 years old, we suggest the purchase of a self molding gum shield, this provides the flexibility to mold the gum shield over and over again whenever needed, you can purchase these gum shields at reception for £7.


    Don't Leave Anything Behind

    Please remember do not leave any of your belongings behind.

    To claim anything left behind it will cost you a sum of burpees,

    60 burpees for the first item, 50 burpees per item for 2 or more items.

    Items can only be collected after the dues are paid. 

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